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Ahmed ShareekWay back in 1996 when the internet was in its infancy , Ahmed Shareek was a young lad just out of school,  With trading running in his blood ( his ancestors were arab traders from  Yemen , settling down in Taprobane now sri lanka), he wanted to revive his forefathers’ trade,  exporting  Sri Lankan produce  to the world, and here was an opportunity opening up with the Internet.  His brother, two years younger and tech-savvy, was the computer expert, and together they launched a website called It was a booming success with recipes, e-cards, and e-pals, and soon was hitting 1 million hits a month.

OK, they were getting hits, but then they had to make it a commercial success. Ahmed’s first endeavourer was to sell tea, costume jewelry and stamps.  With no micro payment systems like PayPal or paysera available, sad to say it was a failure.

At this time, as luck came his way, there was an inquiry by his first customer Frank Russo for a 10 x 8, 11 x 9 octagon amethyst . The thing was, Ahmed did not know what an amethyst was. He took this email and approached his uncle, who was the gem merchant of the family. He directed Ahmed to a gem dealer who was willing to supply his needs. With no money in hand, Ahmed had to borrow US $70, and along with his savings of US $70, he paid for the initial order.

After his initial order, Ahmed approached his father and explained that he needed to open a company. He explained to Ahmed that opening a company is easy, but if he did not succeed it would be difficult to close the company as the government would come after him. So he suggested Ahmed to work with his uncle and use his company name to do the exports and use his bank accounts until he established himself.

Things began to move Ahmed’s way. He made his first commercial website (, and he started to sell gemstones. He joined a gemology course to learn about these natural wonders.  Then  by August of 2000, the time had come to part ways with his uncle.  He had to open a company (Ahmed’s turnover was more than his). Ahmed could not distance himself much from his uncle’s company name, Crescent Lapidary, so he chose Crescent Gems, and by 2002 he made his first trip to the USA for the Tucson show. Later that same year, he opened his Lapidary, as many people he met had given him stones for cutting. In 2004 he was able to procure the domain name

Gem buyingBy 2007 we started offering our services to dealers who visit Sri Lanka, we have gem buying offices in Colombo , Beruwala and in  Rathnapura. Where dealers bought direct from the miners and brokers,  it is a complete package where we also arrange gem lab reports and all exporting paperwork.

By 2010 we were making jewelry under the brand "Anarga" these were jewelry set with gemstones and were hand crafted using traditional methods. each piece was unique and had its own story, Main markets for Anarga was the UNited States of America.

After 20 years in the gem field, Crescent Gems is a well established manufacturing facility with thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world. Our success is attributed to our business model and hard work. 

We are confident you will find our products and workmanship to meet your high standards . Please take the time to go through our website and make avail this opportunity to own a piece of fine jewelry.