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Links to industry Sites

I would like to link to some of the precision gem cutters whome I love and respect. who`s work inspire me to be more creative.

Master Cut Gems

Dana Reynolds, president is a Certified Supreme Master Gem Cutter #96CGE42 through the American Society of Gem Cutters. Dana has been cutting and collecting fine gem rough for over 17 years. Dana bought his facet rough from all over the globe. Dana takes this gemstone business very serious, as he wanted the rare colors, and unusual gemstones not many people ever hear of; but he was a cutter and collector. So testing of the gem minerals as well as knowing where the gem mineral originated are all important factors in knowing what you have

Torraca Gemcutting

Torraca Gemcutting is a specialized colored gemstone service company providing high quality repair, recutting and custom faceting. Featuring the craftsmanship of Peter Torraca and using state of the art faceting machines, we’re able to both execute value repairs and produce custom-cut finished colored gemstones.

Links to Jewelers we work with

This is a list of custom jewelers we work with, I have no hesitation in recommending any of these fine jewelers

Drue Sanders jewelers ( New York- USA)

Drue will custom design your own special piece by appointment or through email. Create the perfect wedding band for your engagement ring, make your own special piece of jewelry, or redesign an existing piece. Because you select the gems and materials with help from Drue, there are no limits on what you can create.

HARRIET KELSALL (hertfordshire and cambridge - U.K )

Either of our showrooms offers a warm welcome, but if you aren’t local our cutting edge technology allows you to work with your designer in real time wherever you are in the world, as many of our customers have discovered.

Links to Internet resources

Here are A few sites on the internet with infomation on the industry

23 Amazing Sites For Free Gemology Courses & Resources

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