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What we believe

Lower prices
You should not pay a premium to own a high-quality custom made jewelry. Because of our business model, we pass the savings on to you.

Know what you’re buying from videos of each stone to information about each stone and jewelry piece, updates from every major stage of production, we'll share everything you want to know about your work of art.

High Quality
All stones are natural earth mined gemstones, well cut to bring the best brilliance , our minimum clarity level we sell is Eye clean, in the jewelry making process each piece is manufactured by professional craftsmen using modern jewelry making machines to meet high standards.

Customer Satisfaction
Our focus is on customer satisfaction. Our dedicated professionals turn out works of art fit for royalty. Generous 14 day refund policy. ( full refund on gemstones & 20% re-stocking fee on custom made jewelry )

Ours Principles
At Crescent Gems we ensure that every gemstone we offer has been handled according to strict environmental protocols, labor laws, and fair trade practices. mines in Sri Lanka are environmentally friendly and no children are used in the mining or gem cutting industry. our service is as good as our workforce , we provide our dedicated employees above and beyond the government stipulated salaries and benefits.