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Our gem tours are designed to give you insights into the Sri Lankan gem and jewelry industry, from mining, heat treating, cutting and polishing to trading. These tours are targeted for gem enthusiast, gem collectors, and gem dealers as well as retail jewelers. 

A successful trip depends on good planning and contacts. With years of experience in gems and organizing gem tours, we are the best in the field.  We have offices in Rathnapura (the main gem area), where millions of $$$ worth of stocks change hands daily, and we take you to the source. We accompany you to assist with the language barrier as well.

A basic itinerary will include
Pick up from the airport
Gem mines in Rathnapura
Gem markets in Rathnapura
Gem heat treatment
visit to gem museum
Gem cutting workshop
Moonstone Mines
Beruwala gem market (optional)
One day on the beach in the south of the country
Drop off at airport
We will tailor make the package for you.

What`s not included in the package
Air fare
Alcoholic beverages
Purchases of gemstones and jewelry
Personal Purchases

What to Expect
This tour revolves around you. We will do our utmost to enable you to have a memorable experience in Sri Lanka. You will be warmly welcomed at the airport, and you will receive your own Sri Lankan SIM (we know you like to be connected). Transportation will be provided with a luxury car (Toyota), and we will have water and basic amenities at your service.

The hotels we book are small boutique hotels which are cosy and comfortable. Typically they have 12 – 20 rooms with Wi-Fi and modern amenities.  Please do remember that this is the heart of Asia and that we are in the tropics, so monsoons and rain may affect the trip. Sapphires, chrysoberyls, Spinels, zircons are some of the more common  varieties of gemstones found in Sri Lanka. 

F.A.Q about our gem tours

What will need to get there ?
You will need a valid passport and a Sri Lankan VISA ( APPLY ONLINE HERE ), Once you have these email me the dates you would like to visit so I can confirm it does not clash with other tour groups, upon confirmation book the seats ....try these site for low fares SKIPLAGGED , SKYSCANNER , FINDMYFARE

What will I get to buy ?
Gems obviously, but did you Know Sri Lanka is a major exporter of garments ? so we have  plenty of cheap shopping. , We are located in the tropics depending on the season you will also be able taste exotic fruits like durian , Jack Fruit, Magosteen , Dragon fruits and many more.

Is it safe to visit with my significant other ?
Yes, Since 2009 after the civil war ended sri lanka is a safe country. We had around 600,000 visitors to Sri Lanka in 2011 but our visitor numbers in 2016 are around 2 million. Don’t worry you are in safe hands.

What should I wear ?
Sri Lanka is a conservative country in Asia, please dress modestly, when we visit temples make sure you cover below your knees.

Who much will it cost per person ?
If its a single person prices start from US $ 350 per day but if its a group prices drop significantly as costs like transportation and hotel rooms are divided among the crowd, its best to email and get a quote.