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Treats as Diverse as people who make them

AluthAvurudu(the Sinhalese New Year) is time for rejoicing, family and ritual, it is a great occasion of joy celebrated with games, hugs, food, and most of all an assortment of sweet and savoury treats that will baffle even the most worldly of connoisseurs of sugary highs and spicy pleasures. The preparation of the delicate and utterly tasty morsels begins early in the day- kitchens buzz with a honey bee hive like quality - the jokes and camaraderie almost as delicious as the wonders created on the open fire.

Konda Kavum(Oil cakes)


Made from rice flour, treacle and coconut milk this is probably the most popular sweet during avurudu. The Konda means tied up hair and the sweet is named this way because the oil cake forms a bump as it is cooked (due to specialise prong used in the cooking), which looks like the hairstyle popular among women in ancient times. The Konda is hard to achieve with only the most skilful of cooks managing to pull it off.



Made of rice flower and coconut milk this feast-table stable is as well-loved as Konda Kavum. Kokisis made by deep frying the batter in moulds transforming in to crunchy, crispy, golden treats with actual magical properties, for at least half the payload disappears before reaching the table



This dessert is made with rice flour and treacle and has crunchy texture. To try and describe Arsmi's crispy deliciousness would be doing the reader a disservice but suffice to say the sweet itself is a network of interwoven tendrils of absolute succulence dipped in treacle.


At first glance the Halapadoes not look like much - it's a flat brown lump folded into aKanda leaf, but once you bite into it (the leaf is not to be eaten - just so the reader knows) you taste the devilishlycunning mix of Kurakkan (Finger Millet), Coconut and Treacle that is guaranteed to get you addicted to this treat.


Bibikkan Isn't that fun to say ? This treat is a traditional coconut cake and has a whole heap of goodies that go into it - Semolina, Treacle, Scraped coconut, and assortment of spices, raw cashews and raisins

These a just a sampling of the treats you will find - what's more you will find them all year round and not just during the New Year celebrations. Sri Lanka is flooded with coconutty sweets oozing with treacle and dotted with cashews, wrapped in leaves, steamed and roasted - an ample cornucopia of sweets as diverse as the people who make them.

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